Why Working From Home is A Good Idea

Posted: 11th May 2011 by donaldj.dunn in Uncategorized

Numerous are the benefits of working from home. It eludes one form working a strenuous nine to five.

Upon trying to seek employment on many occasions my stringent time table came in the way of my working. After giving up looking for a job a friend of mine introduced me to “work from home” a hassle free way of earning money while being at home. The benefits I heard sounded too good to be true so my scepticism got the best of me. Finally I realised I had nothing to lose, and upon further deliberation and a better understanding of what the whole website was about I decided to go ahead with it.

To me, it has opened up the avenue of studying and working at the same time without causing a hindrance to any aspect of my life. It’s a perfect way of being self sufficient while also gaining knowledge and experience at the same time.

My current persuasion of my masters’ degree allows me very little if not barely any time to be employed full or part time. Due to such inflexible course timings, working from home is ideal. It is less stressful than working a part time job which would require you to commute and waste more time.

Working from home makes you more responsible as you are your own boss. It teaches you to be more efficient and requires an increase in self discipline where work is concerned. The absence of fellow co-workers results in fewer distractions and an increase in productivity.

As the core of my course is mass communications working from home writing articles would be a welcomed experience as it will aid in evolving my writing skills. This is in great need if I want to peruse the field of journalism. My course major which is in media research has given me the practice of researching topics and writing research papers which to my belief will factor in writing more efficient and precise articles.

Spending quality time with love ones is an important resulting factor of working from home. It increases family ties and strengthens the bonds between one another. More time can be spent attending family occasions, which working a regular nine to five would not allow.

The whole idea of working from home just exudes flexibility in terms of how many hours a day you put in. There is no pressure as there are no stipulated targets to accomplish, hence allowing one to be in a more stress-free environment. The more you work the more remuneration you receive and the numbers of hours one can put in are limitless. The fact that you are paid weekly is an added bonus to working from home.

After weighing in the advantages and disadvantages which to my knowledge are minimal and not worth mentioning, working from home would be a pleasant experience whilst also gaining knowledge and earning money at the same time in the convenience of your own home.